Thursday, December 27, 2007

First post - Raison d'etre

Hey Bike Race Fans,
Welcome to the new StartFinishBikeNews blog. It's still the offseason and will be for a while yet, but this will be the place to go for the latest in New England bicycle racing news and other bike related stuff.

I am usually behind the microphone at the start/finish line at races throughout New England, hence the name of the blog and website (expected to be when I get it set up). I announce about 15 races per year. My goal is to write a summary of every race that I announce for and a few more. I'll focus on the feature men's and woman's races but I'll also try to cover as many of the categories and age groups as possible. I'll do some interviews at the races and get behind the scenes with the racers, promoters, officials, and others who have something to say about the sport. I hope to get some video clips as well. But I can't be everywhere so your contributions will be a big part of the fun.

The race reports will hopefully be entertaining and help promote the sport. There will also be some periodic features on other aspects of bike racing sport and culture. I hope that the race reports will be used by local newspapers to supplement their reporting on our sport. We will see how that part works out, my education and experience is in engineering, not journalism.

When I am not announcing, I also plan to do a few training races then wage a limited cyclocross campaign later in the season. After getting back on the cross bike this past year after about 12 years off, there is no where to go but up.

And speaking off cross, check out for rankings of everyone who raced cross this season. I can't believe someone went to all that work for every single racer entered in every category at every race. They even ranked me (damn near the bottom of the Cat 4s). Can they do it for road races as well?

Spring training races start in March but I'll try to find a few things to post about in the meantime.

Stay warm on those long winter rides and keep the circulation flowing to all parts while on the rollers,

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