Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Time Keeps on Slippin, Slippin, Slippin

Not for nothing, but I am pretty sure that the Keough Brothers could kick the butt of the Jonas Brothers, on or off the bikes. Although I abhor violence of any kind, a cage match would be interesting. If you don't know, the Keoughs are well on their way to becoming New England's next family cycling dynasty and the Jonas Brothers are annoying pop music stars that appeal to 12 year old girls who haven't discovered horses yet. I shouldn't blog while watching Idol, my mind goes to strange places.

On to today's topic: Bush's energy policy. That's right, I said energy policy. I love it. Not for it's complete failure to reduce "America's addiction to foreign oil" (his own words as you may recall). I love it because it changed the start of daylight savings time about a month earlier than it used to. The change in time is now one of the harbingers of spring. It's like Red Sox Truck Day and the first robin on the front lawn rolled into one. Hmm, robins seem to be around all year now (all that foreign oil at work?). DST starts this weekend and there will finally be enough daylight after work to do some riding on week days. So, set your cyclocomputers and heart rate monitors ahead one hour Saturday night and enjoy the extra daylight. I wonder if I can get enough training in to be ready for the first Charge Pond training race March 15th? See you there.

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