Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post-election posting

I had planned on blogging a presidential endorsement prior to the electio but for a combination of reasons I never did. First and foremost, I never got around to it. Also, I decided that startfinishbikenews isn't the place for political statements.

But I can't contain myself today. I am used to being in the minority, at least nationwide, but today I feel slightly vindicated. Obama will be the next President. Or, as Chris Rock put it, Bush has screwed everything up so bad, America actually chose the black guy to try to fix it!!

Several times today I have had an unusual feeling well up inside me that I haven't felt in 8 years or so. It is part pride, part hope, and a big part relief. It is the exact opposite of the feeling I had during the weekly 'cross race last night in Middleboro which was part cramping, part lactic acid, and part lower back spasm. I like today's feeling a lot better, but I will probably do the 'cross thing again next week anyway.

If you had any doubt that Obama is the better choice from the cyclist's perspective I offer the following:

This morning I saw posted on a wall at a local store (owned by Harley Davidson type people) the following email:

"This is all you need to know -

The point, apparently, was that somehow Palin (and the old guy she is teamed up with) were the better choice for President/VP and the mode of transportation proves it. I couldn't help myself and had to get into it, albeit politely, with the guy at the store. I primarily relied on the obvious tie in to energy policy and how Obama is clearly more in tune with our future energy needs than Ms. DrillafromWasilla. The guy at the store just wanted to kill all the Arabs and didn't much care about energy policy this morning. I told him that once we didn't need their oil anymore we wouldn't need to bother with them any longer much less kill them.

Now that I look a little closer, what is up with Obama's fender? You could keep your butt dry threw the entire Iditabike with that thing and have plenty of clearance for snow build up. Aside from the fender, he looks pretty good on a bike. I think that bodes well for our country, the future of bicycle racing, and the world.


Ted Packard said...

That's a trailer hitch not a fender.

startfinish said...

Hey, your right. Since the trailer was out of the picture I didn't get that. He must be pulling a Secret Service guy around.