Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Just In.....

NEWS FLASH:  There will be beer at Coonamessett!!!!

Bill and George Sykes are putting on the Coonamessett Cyclo-cross this year and I volunteered months ago to help them out by finding a beer sponsor.  It was looking grim there for a while, but the good folks at Harpoon have saved the day at nearly the last minute.  We will have varieties of Harpoon for sale and as an added incentivewe will havew a six pack for all four race winners (as long as they are 21 or over).  The cost per beer is yet to be determined but I think you will find it quite reasonable.  If there is any beer left at the end of Thursday, we will use the rest to sweeten the prize lists Saturday and Sunday in Plymouth.  Unfortunately we can't serve beer on school grounds Saturday and Sunday so there will be no beer tent.  And remember, both races are at Plymouth South on Long Pond Road this year.  Don't go to North.

If you haven't been to the Coonamessett Cyclo-cross before, it is a great venue for a race and the course is super fun.  Not exactly UCI-legal but not quite jungle cross either.  And the beer tent goes right through the course.  Err, strike that, the course goes through the beer tent.

The pre-reg for Coonamessett is looking a little light so far so this might be your best chance ever to podium.  Join us for the first ever mid-week daytime race in New England at Coonamessett then follow that up with a full weekend in Plymouth.  .

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