Friday, November 4, 2011

Freakin' Out in Noho

I haven't updated this thing in a year. Did anyone miss me? No?  I didn't think so. The three of you who know that this thing exists (hi Mom, Solo, GeWilli) know that I've been staying plenty busy with announcing, riding, and racing cross (if you can call it racing at my speed). Not to mention real life.  There hasn't been much time for blogging.

Dick Ring didn't have cycling dirt, to help him revive all those old sayings he used to use.  Does anyone remember his classic "groove in on that" while he was killing a minute or two listing the upcoming races?  But Anthony Clark does have cyclingdirt's undivided attention and therefore "freak out" has taken on a new life within the NECX scene 40 years after it's cultural high water mark as the title of an early Frank Zappa album.  If freaking out is what it takes to go from tagging along to JPow's wheel on a department store bike to scoring legit UCI CX points within a couple of years, I'm all for it.

Since the last time I updated this blog, Western Mass has survived tornadoes (June), microbursts (July), historic flooding (August), and most recently a pre-winter snowstorm with widespread blackouts lasting almost a week (there are still 10s of thousands without power today).  I am curious to see what's left of my old "stomping grounds".  But instead of picking up my number at Noho Coffee this evening and stressing out over tomorrow morning's impending race, I am sitting here at home.  I wish I was there in Noho with the NECX, but I whacked myself hard riding in the woods yesterday and I know I can't ride yet.  I might have cracked a rib going over the handlebars on a steep rocky drop off that I should have had the good sense to walk down.  I'm hoping to race Sunday, but it doesn't look likely.  It's a good thing I'm not announcing this weekend, I can barely take a full breath and announcing is harder work than you might think.

But I can't stay away.  I'll be there watching this weekend if not racing.  And, if I can race, I am looking forward to a major freak out.


solobreak said...

How TF did I miss this? I'm not finding the prose all that coherent though. PRBs? (performance reducing beverages)

pay per head reviews said...

Congratulation to Johnson to win over another silver medalist. I hope that he can keep it up the great work.