Saturday, January 26, 2008

woooohoooo top ten!!

Congratulations Luke Keough, 10th place at the CYCLOCROSS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. When I informed my girlfriend of Luke's success she asked me "10th out of how many?" And in any other race that would have been a fair question. But this is WORLDS!! I had seen that there were about 60 in the race, but that isn't the point. He was tenth out of all the kids in the entire world less than 19 years of age. That's a hell of a lot of kids. Sure, there are a few kids in deep sub-Saharan Africa that haven't even heard of cyclocross, but I am pretty sure he would have beaten all of them too. Tenth anything in the world is something to be proud of the rest of your life. According to Velonews, Luke said "That was my goal, I came here hoping to finish in the top 10 and there's no way I can be disappointed with that. This is only the second European race I've ever done." He has another year in the junior ranks to improve on his top ten finish today.

Gavin Mannion didn't do too bad either, finishing better than all but 31 kids in the entire world. I am pretty sure Gavin also has another year in the junior ranks to improve upon today's result.

Tomorrow Jonathan Page, Tim Johnson, and Katy Compton will be vying for podium finishes in the elite races, among others.

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