Friday, December 26, 2008

How much off-season is enough?

Ahhhh, the off-season. Time to gain a few pounds, lose some fitness, and recharge the batteries. That's not all that different from the rest of the year for me but I expect more from the rest of you.

Myerson is drinking beer at a pace that I consider about normal year round ( Solobreak is so bored that he has resorted to posting pictures of me ( On the bright side, two of the five Keough kids are making plans for Cyclocross Worlds ( and Manny Goguen is in Euro cross camp ( with Gavin Mannion and many of the best American 'crossers.

And speaking of 'cross worlds, check out this text on the worlds' web site from the obviously proud orange people of the Netherlands: Lars Boom is 192 centimetres of Dutch pride with his blond hair and strong body. The rainbow jersey of the Cyclo-Cross World Championships in Treviso does not cover a slender climber's chest, but clings to a muscular torso. The cycling shorts tightly cling to his thighs the size of beeches. Lars Boom, 22 years old, is the Dutch world champion embodied, .... Oh my, is it getting hot in here? Who writes this stuff? This reads like a Harlequin romance not a bike race preview.

Santa was good to me this Christmas, as always, and got me a very cool gift that I think I can use to make this web site blog thingy even better if that is possible (you know sarcasm when you read it don't you?). She got me a small video camera that can mount to bike helmets, handlebars, or whatever you've got. I am thinking that I can set this thing up on someone's bike during races and record the races on video while I am doing the announcing. If I record the announcing part too, I should be able to sync then together, right? Throw in some tunes for the background and this could become quite a production. Youtube will never be the same. And watch your back Stats Boy (, you're gonna have some competition in the all important 18-34 demographic next fall.

Anyway, here is a handlebar video taken during my ride today along the Cape Cod Canal. It's actually the second try. The first was longer and took forever to load, I had to bail on it. I'm going to have to figure that little issue out before the season starts. This is only here as a test of the system. A session on the rollers or trainer would be just as interesting. So, either get on your bike and ride or get a beer, depending on the time of day, and your time will be better spent.

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