Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm Second Fiddle at NBX

It's official, I'll be filling in for Richard Fries this weekend at the NBX races. Richard will be announcing at the USGP in Portland.

It's going to be fun but I probably won't have time for photos or a play by play report of the action if I am going to try to keep up the pace that Richard does. That's going to take a lot of coffee. I usually take a much mellower approach to announcing than Richard. We worked together on a charity ride this spring. We kept the banter going back and forth long enough at Richard's usual pace for the ride organizer to tell us to shut up for a while. It was only 6:30 AM, I don't blame him.

If anyone wants to be the startfinishbikenews correspondent for the day, I would be happy to post your story and/or pictures. Just email them to me at

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