Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cyclocross Smorgasbord

When I can fit it in between announcing and racing, I've been snapping some pictures at the races.  Most are out of focus or too dark or too light.  But every once in a while I get lucky and get a good shot.  Here are a few of the best working backwards in time from Coonamessett to the Mayor's Cup:

Coonamessett Farm Cyclo-cross

 Roger Cadman (Newbury Comics/High and Mighty Beer) wasn't wearing his number so I didn't know his name during the race.  So, as he finished the race, I just said "He's not feeling so High and Mighty now, is he!"  He laughed so I guess it wasn't over the line sarcastic.   Congrats to the NC/H&M Beer team on assembling the best ever combination of sponsors in cyclo-cross.

During the race, George Sykes (Corner Cycle owner) bet Synjen $20 that he couldn't catch up to Jonny Bold who was about 50 yards ahead.  It only took two laps, then Johnny gave Synjen his front wheel after Synjen flatted.  Jonny's Crossresults ranking is going to take a beating with that DNF.

Steven Hopengarten lined up with two current national champions and a former national champion and only two other guys for cover.  He had fun anyway.

Cycle-Smart International Day 2, Northampton, Massachusetts

After racing (badly) in the morning, and then a road trip to Jiminy Peak, I made it back to Look Park just in time for the start of the elite men's race on Sunday.  My camera has a feature that stitches three photos together to make a panoramic view.  I think it's meant for the Grand Canyon and stuff like that, but here is a panorama of the mens' starting lineup.

The race started off well for Luca Damiani, hopping the barriers and in the lead here on the first lap.  It would end for him a couple of laps later when he sliced his leg open on another rider's chainring.  Maybe you have seen the picture of his leg taken in the hospital with 16 stitches (it looks like a lot more than 16).  Nasty nasty nasty.  Luca is recovering at home in Italy now, his cross season is over.


Luke Keough was lucky enough to be in front of Luca when he tangled with the chainring.  That sprung Luke to get away for good.

Podium: Nineteen year old Luke Keough on top, with Adam Myerson and Justin Lyndine.  Luke took the win both Saturday and Sunday while race promoter Adam was 4th and 2nd.

Thom was filming for  I asked Thom to make a face as if he was imitating Christopher Walken.  This is what I got.  Not very Walken, but very Thom.  We were the last of the cycling crowd to leave the Dirty Truth Saturday night.  At least Thom didn't have to race at 8:30 Sunday.

The Night Weasels Cometh - Ward Hill, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Staging the elite men's race. 

Night Weasels are always slightly out of focus.

Lyne and Linnea.  Lyne came out of retirement (again) for this one. 
Sorry I didn't get any shots of you guys during the race.

Meridith Miller (on the right, if you don't know who she is yet) took the win and received her trophy from Leah the creator (of the trophy, not the entire universe, hence the lower case c).  Meridith will be sure to find a prominent place for her Night Weasel's trophy back at home in Colorado. 

I like taking photos of the aftermath of races sometimes.  Here I used the panorama thingy to take a picture of the course after all the tape was down. 

Gloucester (aka New England World Championships)

Curtis Boivin in the 35plus race

Waiting for the whistle, elite men

Everyone was dropping dollars for the riders on the run up past the beer tent.  I upped the ante by adding a drink ticket.  I think it was Shaun Adamson who later scooped both in one swipe.  I really didn't need that last beer anyway.

It's all smiles on the starting line on Day 2 - Manny Goguen and Peter Bradshaw

Larry Longo, race announcer

Solobreak sporting the StartFinish Productions T-shirt.  We closed the beer tent on Day 1.

Who's stuff could this be?  National champion, Sox fan, and Red Bull helmet.  No, not Ryan Trebon.

Meredith Miller over the barriers.  The pink kit was a special issue for breast cancer awareness month.

Mo Bruno Roy.  She is out of focus because she is going so fast on that run up. Not cause I am a lousy photog or anything like that.

Manny Goguen on the run up.

Post race with Jamey Driscoll and Jeremy Powers

A well deserved beer from Great Brewers for Meredith Miller.

The TD Bank Mayor's Cup, Boston, Massachusetts
This was a fun day: I raced Suckerbrook cross in the morning then watched the Mayor's Cup on the way home.  The light this day was weird due to the overcast and as a result the photos are just so so. 

The women's field early in the race.

The Women's race was neutralized for several laps due to a crash

Adam Myerson is already thinking about cross season here on the start line

The decisive break has formed and local hero in the making GavinMannion is at the front of it.  He finished the race in second place.

Luke and Allain didn't make the break but they did finish the race.  The look on Allain's face should give you some idea how hard this race was.  They averaged over 29 mph for about 90 minutes

Dave Towle interviews race winner Daniel Halloway after the race

That wraps up this edition of Cyclo-cross Smorgasbord with the Mayor's Cup crit thrown in as well.  Maybe someday I'll learn how to use my camera properly and the percentage of decent shots will go up.  There's still a couple of weeks in this cross season left for me to figure it all out. 

I'll race at Sterling at least one day, maybe both.  Then, I'll be announcing both days at NBX.  And to cap it all off, I'll be bringing the PA system to the Ice Weasels for open mic heckling.  I don't want to be the announcer at Ice Weasels, I just want to race and party.  Like last year it will be a free for all.  I'll have at least two microphones set up and 800 watts of power so you can take your heckling to the next level.  But this year we are going to listen to my tunes for at least an hour before Thom puts on the Pere Ubu!!!


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